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Nylon tow chain and polypropylene tow chain difference


Because the price of polypropylene material is only half of nylon, some of the more black manufacturers, long polypropylene chain posing as good quality nylon chain, because of its appearance is very similar, general users are difficult to identify, the following from the characteristics of two kinds of material to do some introduction, in order to distinguish two kinds of drag chain, good where the difference is bad. Polypropylene density is small, non-toxic and tasteless, low melting point (160-175℃), strong, low temperature brittle weather resistance is poor, not wear-resistant, easy to aging. Therefore, the engineering plastic towing chain made of hard and brittle easy to break, not high temperature resistance, not wear-resistant, easy to aging, influenced by seasonal factors. Nylon high melting point (nylon 6 melting point is 220C and nylon 66 melting point is 260C), with wear and dust resistance, cleaning and antifouling, with good resilience, fatigue resistance and thermal stability, low temperature resistance and easy water absorption material. Therefore, nylon tow chain has good wear resistance, oil resistance, dust resistance, fatigue resistance, not easy to aging, high temperature stability and other advantages, in its material with glass fiber and flame retardant, so that its material characteristics have been better improved. Therefore, although the price of polypropylene towing chain is only half of nylon towing chain at the time of selection, but as a reciprocating motion towing chain wear resistance, fatigue resistance is the most important index, so nylon towing chain is the most appropriate choice!